Sunday, 7 February 2016

What you need for a girls night in

I love to do a nice girls night in with my best friends. Me and my friends kinda get crazy when we're around each other but I think that's one of the best things that ever could happen to a friendship because you can be yourself around them and feel completely comfortable. But here are some of my recommendations for a lovely girls night in:

1. Do themed nights: for example me and my friends wanna do a Amanda Seyfried night and watch as many movies of hers as possible or we like to go back to our childhood and young teen years and watch all the High School Musical movies all over again.

2. Cook together: I don't think there's anything better than cooking and enjoying a good meal with your besties. I'm always having a blast when I cook with friends. You could look recepies up on pinterest and try them out.

3. Take Photos: We always take weird selfies when we're having a girls night simply for the memories and the joy. And lately we've developed the habit of taking ugly selfies one someones phone when they're away for a few minutes

4. Have a pillow fort: There's nothing better while watching a movie than sitting in between tons of pillows next to your friends. Pillows make everything a lot more comfortable and don't forget the cosy blankets and PJs.

5. Have fun: That's basically the most important part of having a girls night. Staying up late watching movies and talking. So Forget your sorrows and have fun