Sunday, 7 June 2015

Maybelline Fit me range review

Hi everyone :) Today's post is about the makeup I'm using almost everyday.
I use the foundation, concealer and powder from Maybelline's "Fit me" products. I personally found it really hard to find my perfect match because there are only six different nuances. In general I have big difficulties with finding the perfect makeup because I've got extremely sensitive and really bright skin. But I'm really happy with the brightest colors. 

1. Foundation
I rarely use foundation. I only use it when I have really bad skin days. There for this foundation is perfect. It doesn't feel too heavy on my skin but it covers up spots lightly. I wouldn't recommend you this foundation when you need a really good cover up. Sadly this foundation (even if it is the brightest color) is still slightly too dark for me. I wish we had a bigger range of nuances in Germany. I've seen that the American website has a bigger range of nuances and I hope when I go to America I might find the perfect colored foundation for my skin.

2. Powder
I absolutely love this powder. the shade 120 is a really bright shade and perfect for my skin. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin and I feel comfortable wearing this powder even when I go to school. This powder is a mat powder and so it's simply perfect for my skin because it get's really shiny really quickly. 

3. Concealer 
This concealer is perfect. I wear it every day and it covers up red spots and dark eye shadows perfectly. I picked the lightest shade and it fits me perfectly. I feel like a similar shade for a foundation would be my perfect match. Anyway I'd definitely recommend this one because it's my absolute favorite of the fit me products

Thank you for reading this and comment when you wanna share your thoughts about these products. Maybe you had similar experiences or you share a complete opposite opinion.